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Default Session 66 (2021-06-11)

At the Pond, Va’lyndra and I found Varg’s house abandoned. The last time we’d been here, there had been several guards watching us, but now there were none. Va’lyndra suggested that we checked out the house itself. She did her wood magic on the door, bending it open, thus circumventing the lock. I told her I had brought my lockpicks, and she didn’t have to use all her energy on things like this.

It certainly looked like Varg and his sister had left. We searched the place, and Va’lyndra discovered a loose floorboard with a locked metal box underneath. She handed it to me. I put it on a table and began prodding at the lock. This was a really tough one to crack, and Va’lyndra returned to the searching while I struggled to get it open. She finished the rounds before I completed my task, and stood at the window, looking out between the curtains.

When I finally opened the box, I was disappointed. There was nothing interesting inside, just writing utensils, a wax tablet and a stack of papers. I gave it to Va’lyndra. Maybe she could use another inkwell or a tablet. The papers were all used already, but I was sure she could find some empty space on them if she became desperate. She glanced at the papers and said we could give this to Leopold. Of course! He’s always complaining about running out of paper.

Va’lyndra informed me that a kid was watching the house from the other side of the road, so we left through a back window. We sneaked back to the inn and agreed to meet up in Leopold’s room after we had changed. I glanced up and down the hall, and seeing no-one, I transformed back into Mattea before opening my door. Olivia prefers me as a woman, and I saw no reason to disappoint.

I put on my normal clothes, telling Olivia that we should go and see Leopold and the others. Va’lyndra gathered up Ilzo, and then we knocked on Leopold’s door. Va’lyndra handed over the metal box. To pass the time while Leopold looked over the contents, I asked Va’lyndra if there was anything remotely interesting written on the papers. “Yes, but I can’t read Dwarfish,” she replied. It turned out Leopold couldn’t either. “What about Walter?” I suggested. “Doesn’t he know all languages?” Leopold explained that Walter can speak all tongues, due to some magic, but he couldn’t read. We decided to take the papers to the city guards in the morning.

Thoughts on November 7th

Va’lyndra had insomnia again and was quite grumpy at breakfast. Still, she and Ilzo joined Leopold when he went to have the papers translated. He was talking excitedly during the meal about learning Dwarfish. I thought I would die of boredom if I was forced to endure watching Leopold learn a new language, so I excused myself, saying I had been lax in my acrobatics practice these last few days, what with preparing for the big battle and all.

Olivia went to work, leaving me alone at the inn. Well, not quite alone; I practiced where staff and patrons could see me. The others stayed away for most of the day, making Olivia the first to return. I helped her unwind after a long day at work, and then we joined the others for dinner, where I learned that the papers had been very incriminating. So much so, the lieutenant decided we had completed our mission. He would set up a meeting with someone on the city council within a few days. I celebrated by performing in the common room.

Thoughts on November 8th

A familiar face showed up while we were having breakfast, making Va’lyndra light up from her grumpiness. Va’lyndra left the table to greet and hug Filidella, her elven friend, who had also been a friend of Magnar Goldenbeard. If I recalled correctly, he had carried her in the wife-carrying contest at the Urdon Summer Games a couple of years ago. Sadness struck me at the thought of Magnar. His death was such a waste, so unnecessary. He had drowned, trying to show off his awesomeness and pushing beyond his limits. I’d never do anything that stupid. Or would I? Nah, I’m always in control when I’m showing off.

Va’lyndra took Filidella upstairs for a private talk. Leopold had written a report for the lieutenant, which he was impatient to deliver, so he headed out. Olivia had to go to work. When the two elf women came down, Filidella said she’d love to come if I put on a performance. It didn’t take much to get me to perform, and I promised a show tonight.

I went to the Hill, where I’d performed earlier. Asking around, I discovered that I had failed to make the proper arrangements the last time. The show had been so magnificent that nobody complained, but I determined to do it right this time. After I had made the arrangements, I toured the city, advertising tonight’s show.

I didn’t return to the inn before dinner. The others informed me that we had received an invitation to visit the mayor tomorrow. Putting the mayor aside for now, I asked who would be coming to my show and invited Ilzo to toss me. That could be his reward for helping carry all my gear uphill. He loves showing everybody how strong he is. Olivia came, of course, and Va’lyndra, even though I suspected she mostly came to see Filidella. Leopold preferred to remain at the Leaping Trout with his books.
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