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Default Re: [Sorcery] Michael's daily sorcerous spells thread

Keywords: Area (Special).
Full Cost: 238/243/248/253/258/263/268/273/278 points for levels 1-9, plus 25.5 points for each additional level*.
Casting Roll: IQ.
Range: 0.
Duration: 50 minutes.

You can cause or prevent up to an inch of rain over the course of a little under an hour. Rain that heavy is sufficient to give -3 to vision and driving rolls, so under most circumstances this spell is sufficient to add or remove -3 in penalties from rain. However, because the game-mechanical effects of rainfall are not necessarily linear with rainfall, during exceptionally heavy rain (such as a hurricane) this spell might only be able to add or remove -1 or -2 in penalties from rain. The spell affects a radius of 0.1 level miles, measured from your location when you cast the spell.

This is also a Water spell and a Weather spell.

Statistics: Level 1 is Control Rain 1 (Emanation, -20%; Extended Duration, 300, +100%; Natural Phenomena, +100%; Persistent, +40%; Sorcery, -15%) [31] + Control Rain 8 (Does not increase area, -50%; Emanation, -20%; Extended Duration, 300, +100%; Natural Phenomena, +100%; Persistent, +40%; Sorcery, -15%) [207]. Levels 2-9 remove "Does not increase area" one level at a time [+5/level]. Further levels add Control Rain (Emanation, -20%; Extended Duration, 300, +100%; Natural Phenomena, +100%; Only to increase area, -50%; Persistent, +40%; Sorcery, -15%) [+25.5/level].

* Calculate the total cost and then round down (because level 9 costs 277.5 points before rounding).
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