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Default Session 64 (2021-05-21)

Thoughts on November 2nd (continued)

We were uncertain where our investigation should go. I got Kalle to tell us where the injured gang members were holed up; any information could turn out to be useful. Then someone had the brilliant idea to have Kalle bring a message up through the ranks. Ultimately, we wanted to speak to the secretive boss, and we said to Kalle that unless we got what we wanted, we’d continue terrorizing the gang. We had shown that we were capable, so the threat should be taken seriously.

We went outside the shed to discuss where to meet, so Kalle wouldn’t hear. It should be somewhere public, and I proposed the marketplace in the Immigration district, but Leopold didn’t think the gang would be willing to go to this upper-class area, which would be filled with guards. We agreed on the Solus church near the fishing docks instead, tomorrow afternoon. We gave Kalle the location and reminded him of our threat, then we let him run.

It was time to go home to the Leaping Trout, so we began to exfiltrate from the Pond district. Va’lyndra whispered that two boys were stalking us, and Leopold suggested we leave the Pond before trying to lose the tail. The boys kept up with us through the East End district, so we decided to take action.

We stopped just around a corner, and I scampered up on the roof. The boys cleverly walked along a parallel road to the one we had taken, so I had to jump over to another rooftop to get close. I don’t think any of the others could have made that jump. I crawled over the second roof and jumped down on the street just behind the two stalkers.

One of the boys heard me land and turned, so I grabbed him and asked why they were following us. The other boy ran away. The one I held tried to get free, but I wrestled him to the ground and pinned him, asking once more why they followed us.

Ilzo, Va’lyndra and Leopold came running, so I asked Ilzo to sit on the boy. He was a bit scrawny, so Ilzo just put his foot on the boy’s chest. Leopold squatted next to the boy and looked him in the eyes. He said we didn’t want to harm the boy, but we wanted answers: “Who told you to follow us?” The boy made him promise not to pass on to anyone that he had talked to us, then revealed that someone named Gustav had tasked them to find out where we lived. The boy didn’t know who Gustav took his orders from, and didn’t know Gustav’s whereabouts, except that he was in the Pond. He promised not to follow us again, and we let him run.

Ilzo followed, but Leopold asked me to stop him. I caught up with Ilzo and told him that if he followed the boy back to the Pond, someone else would surely stalk him in return, and he wouldn’t be able to spot them, since he wasn’t Va’lyndra. We went back to the others, and then to the inn, keeping an eye out for stalkers, but we saw none.

I practiced contortion in my room until Olivia came. After a brief kiss-and-tell session, we joined the others for dinner. Ilzo said he wanted to go to the market to buy a staff. I warned him not to go alone, and Leopold said that it was a little late for going to the market, advising him to wait until tomorrow.

While we were eating, the guard lieutenant entered, looking for us. He wanted a private talk when we had finished eating. I told him to sit down and keep us company until then. Ilzo asked him all manner of questions and mostly got rather short answers. I didn’t think the lieutenant was too happy.

Since the room Olivia and I share is the largest of our bedrooms, we went up there after the meal. The lieutenant had heard rumors about unrest in the Pond. Ilzo and Leopold promised that we acted in self-defense. The lieutenant warned us not to spread these problems to other districts. He was pleased that there hadn’t been found any corpses, and said he didn’t want to know about the three that Leopold told him we had buried. He thanked us for the talk and left. I hinted to Ilzo, Va’lyndra and Leopold that since we had already made our plans for tomorrow, maybe they would like to say goodbye as well? I needed some alone-time with Olivia after everything that had happened, and for once, I was glad I hadn’t made any promises to perform.

Thoughts on November 3rd

When Olivia left for work, I sat down to pray to Sulla. I wasn’t quite sure how to do it – my usual devotion is through sex – but I made an attempt. The god of love had sent messages in the form of dreams, and I didn’t know how to interpret them. Maybe I could ask directly and get a reply?

An idea struck me, and I went out and knocked on Leopold’s door, asking if I could speak with Walter. The undead orc head used to be a priest, so maybe he knew how to pray? He gave instructions, which included incense, so I went downstairs and asked the innkeeper if he could send someone to the market to buy it. I ran upstairs again and borrowed a gold coin from Ilzo, and instructed the innkeeper that I wanted my incense to be perfumed. He sent a servant, who returned half an hour later with thirty sticks of incense.

I knelt before Sulla’s statuette while one of the incense sticks burned and spread the scent of spring flowers through the room. I did all the things Walter had said, but still got no reply. At least none that I perceived, but I’m not very observant, so maybe I wasn’t paying attention. Or maybe I needed to have sex to get through to Sulla?

At lunch, Ilzo told us that he had beaten three ogres at arm wrestling today. My competition instinct triggered, but after taking one look at Ilzo’s bulging muscles, I chose not to challenge him. Instead, I informed the others that I was going to the church. I planned to climb the building before any of the bandits arrived. Then I could keep watch over the negotiations when the others arrived. Leopold warned me not to fall down or insult anyone. I told him I could promise the former, but not the latter.

My friends stayed behind when I left. I had no trouble getting up on the church roof, and I found a good hiding place from where I could watch. Armed bandits began to trickle in long before the agreed time, and five of them had gathered when I spotted Va’lyndra, Ilzo and Leopold approaching. They stopped in front of the church without acknowledging me. If any of them had seen me, it could only be Va’lyndra; the other two were likely to wave and say hello.

We waited while the pack of bandits grew, then three dwarves came over. The middle one wore chainmail and a visored helmet and turned out to be Varg, the surviving underboss. After introducing himself, Leopold told Varg that we wanted them to stop their criminal activities. This was a noble goal, Varg said, considering that we had been murdering people. He accused us of invading their territory and explained that if he and his men didn’t enforce order in the Pond, there would be anarchy.

Leopold went into researcher mode, retrieved his notepad and flooded the poor dwarf with questions. I decided they weren’t going to fight, or if they did, Ilzo could handle the three bandits before they got reinforcements from across the square. I used my vantage point for what it was worth, keeping an eye on the surroundings, in particular the rest of the gang.

After they had talked for a good while, the three dwarves returned to their companions. Varg gave some instructions, and the gang dispersed. I climbed down and asked Leopold if they had come to an agreement with the bandits. It was Va’lyndra who answered. She said we were going to meet the bandits in the forest in two days, where they would try to take our money. That sounded like a peculiar arrangement, but Va’lyndra clarified that we would be fighting the bandits.

Leopold wondered who Varg’s boss was. Apparently, they hadn’t brought him to this meeting. None of us could answer his question, so he changed the topic and said he wanted to put three thousand gold into the bank. I couldn’t fathom why, but Leopold tried to explain, saying something about showing some document to the bandits to prove we had the money. He is much smarter than me. I would never tell bandits that I was rich. Three thousand gold is an insane amount of money. I’m not even sure we have that much between us. Maybe if we sold some of our magical equipment.

We discussed for a while how to defeat the bandits. They never agreed to a location, so we decided we could pick one that suited us. It was getting dark, but that didn’t bother an elf, an orc and a gnome, so they headed for the forest to see if they could begin searching for a good place to meet the bandits. I returned to the inn. The others said I should watch their stuff, but I went straight for Olivia.
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