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Default 2020 Irvine, CA GBI Recruitment Seminar (GURPS 4E)

(this would be a promo document for the first session of what I hosted last Friday!)

Do you believe in mental telepathy, alternate universes, or faith healing? How familiar are you with spooks, specters, or ghosts? What would you say explains crop circles, clairvoyance, and ball lightning?

If any of this catches your interest, then you’re in luck! Because the Ghostbusters International (GBI) is hosting a paranormal investigation conference and hiring event!

Not only will we be demonstrating some of our amazing (licensed) technological devices, but our seasoned staff will be there to answer any queries you may have*!

Please keep your mind (but not your soul, we hope!) open to learning more about the countless opportunities working for GBI can offer!

*All technology presented is licensed property of GBI and subject to all rights associated with it.

All this is to say, if you're interested at all in checking this campaign out, there are some spaces for potential GBI employees, I mean, Ghostbusters! :D
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