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Default Re: GMing an FGO-Inspired Game?

Originally Posted by warellis View Post
Not entirely. Think about what a Servant is. They're heroes of myth and legend and history, very famous and thus often have immense talent. These aren't just great warriors good at killing, they have brains and smarts and may be able to look at situations with an eye that their Master, or however you play them here, may not be as good at due to frankly, being less experienced and capable.

Also, since this is FGO-inspired, it means the characters are at least up to date on modern mores and values (since the magical means of summoning them in the first place updates their knowledge) so they may be able to blend in or have knowledge of the local mores and customs given to them by the home base. Of course, that doesn't necessarily mean they'll act "modern."
Thanks for the ideas, because I get that Servants aren't just combat dolls. I was speaking more about what the majority of my group's servants are: combat dolls. I don't mind making Achilles rolling defaults on everything non-combat-oriented, but why would he want to know about X phase of the moon in 1854?

TBH, I think I'm going to drop an Alter enemy that will end up helping the party.

Still trying to decide on if the person who's been wronged was Ada Lovelace or Mary Shelley, though.
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