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Default Re: GMing an FGO-Inspired Game?

Originally Posted by fengmd View Post
(...) Does anyone think this game can be saved? The player with the most experience half-jokingly suggested that I just send the party back to the future (...) Any input is appreciated because I need help for tomorrow afternoon’s game and don’t want to let them down like I did the last session by cutting it short halfway through the session time.
Hey there,

I think you should look for the book GURPS - supers. It features ideas that could help you manage the CP budget of your characters.

Maybe you should start another story, in the same universe. When my players reach high CP amounts (over 500), their characters become part of the universe’s “historic figures” and we start another game with about 250-350 CP. Sometimes the players find their own past characters as NPCs (as allies, patrons, enemies, etc.), it’s really nice.

As I see it, a 700 CP character is a very seasoned character. IMO the problem of playing with high CP budgets carries issues such as overlapping abilities (among the party), the need of micro-managing the characters abilities to create challenge (stuff as imposing the penalties you mentioned) and sometimes needing to think about NPCs that require the same budget of CP as the PCs to present a challenge.

Fewer CP means your people has to think about their role in the party. Of course, it is not a guarantee they won’t have overlapping roles… for that matter you need to talk to them and have them talk among them during character creation.
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