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Originally Posted by shadowjack View Post
I am intrigued by your ideas and wish to subscribe to your newsletter. :) ("But what if you saw two hippos?")
"I saw where a hippo was not, and said, no. This will not do."

If this were written up formally, to represent the Awful Green Things variable vulnerabilities, I'd use multiple mini-templates, to be selected randomly. (I know GM monsters don't need formal templates, but what the heck, someone might want to play a Friendly Green Thing.) Exactly mimicking the effects in the board game might prove difficult, but it would still make sense to have, say, one possible build have high DR vs. fire, ST and DX boosted by exposure to Zgwortz, and Allies triggered upon death by explosion (those cursed Fragments!) while another game might have Vulnerability to fire, high DR vs. corrosion, and Epilepsy triggered by radio waves.
I likes the cut of your jib, mistopher. Work out the point value of the addies and disads, and the modifier values of the attacks, and one can swap out as needed.

The Awful Green Things definitely have Cast-Iron Stomachs.
How I missed that, science doesn't know.

Originally Posted by Gold & Appel Inc View Post
Can we get a text description of the species please, for those of us who are unfamiliar with TAGTFOS?
In reverse alphabetical order (what those of us who had a certain childhood might call zetabetical order):
* Snudalians (from Snudl-1 and Snudl-2) -- tetrapodal (means they have a total of four limbs -- two arms, two legs) reptiloids with tails and crests. The yellow Snudalians have single-spiked crests and single tails; the green Snudalians have forked crests and forked tails.
* Smbalites (from Smbal), sometimes spelled Smabalites -- short orange roly-poly tetrapodes with shaggy head-hair.
* Redundans (from Redund) -- red hexapodes with heavy trilateral symmetry (only one mouth, but three eyes atop the torso, three tentacular arms and three tentacular legs).
* Ook -- a sort of bluish kiwi with three eyes.
* Frathms (from Frath) -- blue tetrapodes with long necks and wiry head-hair.
* Awful Green Things -- adults have spherical bodies, fronted by a single bloodshot eye, atop two legs; babies have blobby bodies covered with cilia. Fragments just lie there secreting slime. Eggs can be mistaken for rocks (that's how the first specimen got on board the Znutar, in fact).
* Leadfoot the robot (unique specimen) -- cylindrical body either black or a very dark grey, stuffed with fnudding (replaced with a fresh batch every night, "while the old was being fed and cleansed"), two arms, two legs, one face.

Now you know, and knowing is half the Mandatory Educational Content Segment (TM).

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