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Default Re: Melee Weapon Skills (Confusion In reguards to Ruling)

Originally Posted by johndallman View Post
Exactly so.

Defaults are about trying to do things that you don't have the right skill for.

Bill has Broadsword skill at 15, so he rolls against 15 when using a broadsword. If he doesn't have a broadsword available, he can use a rapier, at skill 11, or a sabre, also at skill 11. Those skills default to Broadsword-4, which is why he can use them at 11. The other fencing weapons, main-gauche and smallsword, don't have defaults to Broadsword, so Bill has to use his DX-based default, which will almost certainly be worse.

Rachel has Rapier skill at 15. She rolls against 15 when using a rapier. If she tries to use any other kind of fencing weapon, those all default to Rapier-3, so she uses them at 12 - they have more in common with using a rapier that a broadsword does with a rapier. That's the only place where the "fencing weapon default of -3" applies. She can also use a broadsword at Rapier-4, which is 11.

Does that make more sense?
That makes perfect sense, Thank you for your example
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