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Default Re: Melee Weapon Skills (Confusion In reguards to Ruling)

There is no "Fencing Weapons" skill in GURPS rules-as-written. There is a category of weapons called "Fencing Weapons" and a category of melee weapon skills, also called "Fencing Weapons". These categories exist because the weapons and skills within them use similar rules.

Rapier is a skill, which is DX/A. If a character puts four points into it, they have it at DX+1. They also have the other three fencing weapons skills at Rapier-3, which comes out to DX-2.

If the same character also has four points in Broadsword skill, making DX+1, they have a Rapier default from that of Broadsword-4, which is DX-3. That's much worse than the skill level they bought in Rapier, and should be ignored.
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