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Default Re: [Low-Tech] Padded Cloth and Layered Armour penalty

If nothing else if it's been significantly compressed down to 1/4" by lots of stitching, it's likely fairly rigid*

That rigidity will be an issue for layering

I think the reality is there were instances of layered armour and people taking in GURPS terms -1DX pens

(Dan Howard's Loadouts shows several examples of this)

I might be tempted to make some very specific exceptions for some combinations or armour and good tailoring

Don't forget that we're functionally talking about a -1 to relevant skill's, so you can overcome this issue by getting +1 more in the relevant skills.

If someone really wanted to have some kind of +1 to skill that only counts for negating that armour layer penalty for a specific armour set I might call that a 50%* limitation / reduction in skill cost. And a not too unrealistic way to model experienced armour wearing fighters working out how to compensate for the issues of layered armour.

Yeah OK this gets pretty damn close to a "wearing armour skill", familiarity bonus or perk, but ehh I'm OK with that

Another way to go would be to allow a +1 armour bond bonus that offsets layering penalty for individual armour sets, Same kind of justification and the individual user having just got so comfortable with the their specific armour beyond even the initial tailoring and familiarisation process. (I'd have familiarity rules for armours as well as poor tailoring issues).

*in terms of worn material even if not in terms of meeting the threshold of flexible or not in GURPS terms.

**make it -75% and it's a perk
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