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Originally Posted by TippetsTX View Post
I think there's room for expansion of certain talents following the Apprentice/Journeyman/Master paradigm.

I've been working on a number of new and revised talents to support this idea... FIRST AID as a prerequisite to PHYSICKER, ACOLYTE preceeding PRIEST, etc.
Well, if a PHYSICKER (w/ Physkit) automatically heals 2 hit points on injured figure and a MASTER PHYSICKER (w/ Physkit) automatically heals 3 hit points on injured person, then a "ParaMedic" might be the following:

IQ 10 Talent
MEDIC* (1): Novice healer's ability. A Medic can heal one new point of damage on any humanoid figure (wounds only - not exhaustion) within an hour after any combat or accident. He must have a physicker's kit to do so. [The rest of the talent is basically the same as PHYSICKER.]
MEDIC healing is NOT automatic. This character has not had sufficient theory and training of a full-fledged PHYSICKER. A MEDIC will roll MEDIC Test vs IQ to see if his 'victim' responds to treatment. No success, no healing.
PHYSICKER costs 1 if you already have MEDIC: you've been through the practical side of illness, injury and health consequences.

*or whatever term you'd like to give it: First Aid, Nurse, Barber...


Vet Talent (ITL p41) notes that if you already have Physicker Talent, you can get Vet at half cost and vice versa because "you already have medical knowledge."

I would go even further and say that if you have Physicker Talent you should be able to perform simple veterinary acts on mammals that would easily translate to humanoid problems: Arrow wounds, broken bones, burns, delivering babies, etc. And vice versa for Vet Talent.

Since these talents are not the same (you do have to buy each talent separately), they are not automatic heals. A Physicker would have to roll a healing check against his IQ to see if he applied the right method to heal.

If you feel that this is too generous, make it an IQ-1 roll.
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