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Default Re: Professional skill seem cheap

Originally Posted by Steev View Post
I generally use the PCs career to baseline a lot of their skills eg a soldier would have skills in all things soldiery.

Looking at he skill professional skill and soldier they seem awfully cheap. At IQ 10 I can build a skill 18 soldier for 32pts which seems insanely cheap.

Is there some way that individual soldier (in this example) skills are graduated so they are not all 18?
You can very plausibly decree that a character with that skill level in soldier must spend 30 points on some combination of rank and reputation to go with it.

More seriously, I would have a conversation with the player about his goals for the character. It's likely this build would not be what he was hoping for. He would be a hopeless shot without the rifle skill, for example, and couldn't drive a tank without driving (tracked).
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