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Default Survival horror-after the end; encumbrance HR

Hey you, yes, you. Did you survive to apocalipse? Did you find your personal skills useful?
yes, you know what I mean. When you were cooking meth and after had worked for all the day you left your lab and realize the world ended? And in the new world your abilities are...essential?

Or you, the baseball player who realized your swing was freaking nuts to destroy the mutant motherF who born after the radiation catastrophe?

Or you, the crazy engineer who almost invent the new prototype of an high tech battlesuit?

Yes, I'm talking to you. You want to survive. Your group must to survive. But in the middle of an Neverending radiating winter, how could you do that?
Scratches aren't that rare, but you need all your abilities to craft the right tool, for the right situation. And you need a good manual to craft them.

So, what's the point?
I'm creating a campaign, a survival horror campaign to be precise. Inspirations are some survival games like "the last of us, dying light, resident evil, frostpunk, dead of the winter". The core idea is to create a sandbox scenario, where players have to move into a dangerous world:
1) weather: radiation, eternal winter, heat... You know what I mean
2) creatures born from the aftermath (infects, mutants, zombies) or other humans
3) food and water are rare, sleeping isn't the most safe thing to do

The players have to move in this dangerous environment. They will have to find resources (components) in order to create items/devices/tools to acquire the supplies they need to survive. The GM needs to create a puzzle game, creating difficult situations where the players have to move in and past through. From the scratches to a complete item to kill the zombie or survive radiations.

Of corse, crafting stuff is cinematic for the love of entertaining sessions, but items are fragile, unreliable and full of bugs.

In this presentation (ppt) you will find the rules from after the end and basic set, to have everything under control. There are 3 sections:
1) crafting rules: almost ended. I changed something from books to adapt better my needs (I used generalized components like mechanical, electric, medical and chemical, instead of actual items)
2) house rules of encumbrance: recording weight of items need too many times and work. Isn't very fun and players wouldn't do it. So, I'm planning a slot based encumbrance system. Is a work in progress: I'm trying to link the encumbrance to squares. The idea is to have a number of squares equal to the kilograms that a player can lift: if the basic lift is 10 kg, you have a 5x2 squares for no encumbrance, another 5x2 is light encumbrance, etc..
Items will occupied a number of squares based on their weight, with a shape like theirs, like a tetris game.
I still thinking about it, but the main goal is to link, as I said, weight to squares and maybe use backpacks, sheath, bandoliers to help organize inventory slots.
3) a rapid compendium of hazard usable to create a survival game.

So, for now, only first chapter is finished (almost). The other two are WIP (but should be a fast things)
Hope you guys can help me with some feedbacks, new ideas or simply check if all rules I made are consistent.
especially appreciated ones are about encumbrance rules.

I'm going to upload the ppt on Google docs asap.
Every good idea would be added and when I would edit the ppt, I'll write an edit here, in this very first post, to take record of editing.

link to the folder:

edit 1: As final notes, i hope i don't have violated any copyright dirict, becuase i copy paste some tables from the books to have a fast reference
edit 2: for some reasons, the ppt file won't display some diagram, so i left both ppt and pdf
edit 3: i shared entire folder
edit4: added inventory managment
edit 5: added backpacks rules

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