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Default Re: Explain Gurps shotgun rules

Yes. Keep in mind the rapid fire hit bonus on p.B373 and the fact that shotguns firing buckshot have a Rcl of only 1, so it's actually not too hard to hit with a reasonable number of shots.

To take an example: firing once, for an effective RoF of 9, gives a +2 to hit, so rolling exactly on what your skill was before the rapid-fire modifier (thus, rolling a margin of success 2 on adjusted skill) means hitting with three of the shots, which is a respectable amount of damage.

Firing three times gives you +5 to hit, so the roll exactly on skill means you hit with six of the shots, which at 1d+1 a shot would make a serious mess of an unarmoured opponent.

Also keep in mind the special rules on p.B409 for point blank shotgun attacks...

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