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Originally Posted by timm meyers View Post
IQ 14 Summon Weapon/armor: (C)
Wizard manifests a weapon or armor composed of their magic essence (mana?) for their personal use only. The weapon/armor appears in their hands or body, and can be any type listed. The wizard gains the base talent to use the weapon while the spell is in effect. The item must be a singular creation so a bow does not manifest with arrows etc. Armor effects DX and MA as normal.
Cost: 3 ST, plus 1 per turn.
This requires Destroy Creation to negate, which can create some interesting tactical twists, but that seems like a small incentive when you can't take advantage of a C spell's potential range and, at only 13 IQ, you can get the equivalent of half-plate protection for a lower ST cost through Stone Flesh. Summoning a weapon that grants the talent to use it is cool, but I'd probably give it a fixed duration.
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