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Up next: The Helping Hand of Doom.
There are two artifacts named The Helping Hand of Doom.

The older of them is a finely-wrought silver hand, fashioned to replace the right hand of one Vittorio di Domo, the majordomo of a Venetian merchant-prince; the hand was lost when Vittorio defended his master’s palazzo from assassins, and his grateful master had an enchanted hand made for him. The name changed from the intended “Domo” to “Doom” because the silversmith’s apprentice was was poorly literate, and reversed two letters when stamping the name into the hand.
The hand itself it is a prosthetic hand designed to unlock from the arm attachment with a simple action by a left hand. It is enchanted to fly up to 20 yards from the owner, and can be commanded to perform many non-combat actions, but only within someone’s home. If the owner has lost his own right hand and replaces it with The Helping Hand of Doom, the hand acts as a true extension of the body (like a physical, telekinetic, long distance hand with a range of Line of Sight), albeit one that cannot change shape.
In form, it is slightly cupped with a separate thumb, allowing it to carry objects with some sort of handle, or carry anything specially made for the hand.

The Second Helping Hand of Doom is a demonic artifact brought into this world by a demon-worshipper cult. Physically it is an upright symmetric hand (with a thumb on each side) made of serpentine and limned in black iron. Anyone who prays to the hand for a few minutes and offers a small sacrifice of their own blood (1 ounce is enough, blood is absorbed into the stone) gains Luck for the day. If someone sacrifices enough blood over time to reach their total blood volume (about 166 ounces of blood for the average person), their soul is silently, invisibly sold to the demon.

Net up: Charadon’s Stick of Wonder
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