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Default Re: Lost in Dreams (Jane Doe)

"Jane Doe" reactions of exploration, assuming the environment doesn't react...

1s: Shivering in response to the cold black floor, she attempts to break get up by rolling onto her bony shins (Change Posture maneuver: Lying > Kneeling) and wrapping her right arm around her ribcage, trying to cover her exposed chest and contain some of her body's heat. Scanning the room, she worriedly examines the overhead lighting's response to her movements.

2s: (if nothing obvious occurs) get up the rest of the way (Change Posture maneuver: Kneeling > Standing, crouch for free at end of turn) choosing to get up in the hex closest to the large panel shaped like a door, while also wrapping left arm around abdomen/pelvis, also for modesty and warmth.

3s: (INOO) very carefully (All Out Defense: Enhanced Dodge) take a step towards the door and visually examine it (what is it lacking?)

4s: (INOO) hesitantly taking hands off her torso, touch the door to see if it's the same temperature as the cold floor. (Attack: Grapple)

5s: (INOO) try and push the door open (Attack: Shove w/ DX roll to hit, for thrust (1d-4)x2 non-injuring crush damage for knockback.)

6s: (INOO) repeat previous as All-Out Attack: Strong for (1d-2)x2 shove.

7s: (INOO) let go of the door (free action) and carefully (AOD:ED again) sidestep onto the raised service to the side of the door-panel,

8s: (INOO) grab the handle (Attack: Grapple) with both hands.

9s: (INOO) Evaluate the handle and the EMC box. Is the handle angled vertically or horizontally? Does it feel like it might move under pressure? Are there any symbols on it?

10s: (INOO) If there are no obvious instructions, she'll pull down slightly on the handle, to take some of the weight off her spin. (possibly Attack: Shove?)

11s: If nothing moves, gradually shifting more weight onto it as she continues to examine the panel. (AOA: Strong Shove like before)
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