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Default Re: [Sorcery] Doctor Strange (2017 movie) Mystic Arts

I'm just going though Super-Sorcery and, woah, Mystic Buckler is basically perfect for the Mandalas! I sure am glad the editor asked for another spell to fill the page. ;) The fact that they break seems to be more due to Strange's noobness (the Ancient One's never break), so maybe she has a variant without Ablative. Furthermore, Dual could be a selectable advantage, since Strange seems to summon a single bigger one to defend against Dormammu's assaults - maybe a Nuisance Effect (DR is split between two bucklers).

As for virtually unblockable attacks, I concur. Mirror trapping appears to be quite insidious, as the Zealots fall into it twice during the movie, so probably a Dodge or maybe a Per contest - which they failed the second time around because they were concentrating on casting, allowing even a nooblet like Strange to stealthily conjure a portal right where they're standing.

EDIT: A question: why does the buckler require Force Field? I thought that was for "whole body DR." Or is the enhancement just "protects against Contact Agent" since default DR seems to be "on" the body, although it isn't skin.

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