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Default Re: I still want better rules for shotguns

One option would be to roll without any bonus for RoF* and determine your MoS (or MoF) there. MoF 1 or higher means you hit with no slugs, MoS 0-(Rcl-1) is 1 slug, MoS Rcl-(2*Rcl-1) is 2 slugs, etc. Subtract Rcl from MoS per additional slug that hits, then add in the bonus from RoF. Whatever your MoS is now, that's how many pellets hit.

So, let's say you have Guns 14, Aimed for 3 rounds (+5), and are firing at a werewolf 20 yards away (-6), for effective skill 13. You roll a 10. MoS 3 means 1 slug hits but the other misses. Add the bonus for 11 shots (+2) to MoS 3 - in addition to the slug, you also hit with 5 pellets, for a total of 6 hits.

*Actually, you use the RoF bonus that's appropriate to the particular round you're favoring.
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