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Default Re: GURPS: Ecosystems and Evolution

Thanks for the info. So far I've got the following categories of factors (sorted by my guess at relative importance):
- Trophic level (Aliens II)
- Locomotion (Aliens III)
- Temperature control (Aliens VI)
- Intelligence (Aliens IX)
- Skin (Aliens VI)
- Strategy (Aliens VII)
- Gestation (Aliens VII)
- Organization (Aliens IX)
- Mating (Aliens IX)

I think the first three are the biggest factors, the next three are medium ones, and the last three are fairly small.

Some of these lists are kind of long and complicated, so I don't have numbers to attach to them yet. I might can generalize Skin by the DR and TT it grants, but I'm not sure anything else generallizes easily. (IQ could be used, but it's a small enough range either way.)

Edit: Oh yeah. I'm also not sure if autotrophs fit into this scheme or not, but I guess I'll have to wait until it's more complete and see.

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