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One of my players suggested a political game where they're on a generation ship that's just entered their target's system. The game will revolve around where and how they'll colonize the system. ie terraform, adapt to conditions or just stay in space.

What do you guys think?
Years and years ago, I ran a campaign that had some similarities to this. The setting was Earth in the mid-1930s . . . as an alien race entered the solar system by navigating their planet into orbit around the sun, and shut down the small artificial sun they had created to keep them alive on their journey. The PCs were (a) a group of diplomats from the major powers of Earth (America, Britain, Germany, Japan, Russia, and the Vatican) negotiating with the aliens to determine who would form alliances and gain the benefit of advanced technology, and at what price, and (b) a group of scientific advisors. Each player played one of each, with the stricture that their scientist had to be an advisor to another player's diplomat.

There was almost no combat; we had one fight at the very end. There was a lot of bargaining and double crossing.

I let the players play historical figures; we had George C. Marshall, Winston Churchill, Hideki Tojo, John von Neumann, J. R. R. Tolkien, Carl Jung, Enrico Fermi, and Pierre Teilhard de Chardin as PCs.

To make this work, you have to have clearly identifiable factions that the players can support and whose agenda they can try to advance. And you have to have players who are willing to take conflict between their characters in good spirit.

Bill Stoddard
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