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Default Re: Non Combat campaigns

Most of the In Nomine games I've played have been low-combat (at least, from my end -- some of my fellow players, by contrast, are experts at seeking out trouble). A "big fight" was usually the climax of a long built-up campaign, rather than a constant feature of it. That's not to say there was no tension, but rather that the tension came from:

1) Finding ways to avoid getting caught.

2) Resolving tough situations where violence wouldn't do anything. (Such as trying to help a mentally disturbed woman through her personal dreamworld, or slowly, carefully, bringing a demon to the point where it might be able to Redeem.)

3) Interpersonal relations and occasional inter-PC conflict. (Some of our characters are more methodical and subtle, others more ... shall we say, impulsive?)

It's not a style that works for everyone, but I certainly enjoy it.

(Note also that In Nomine is very "cinematic" in terms of its play style, but that there can be consequences for kicking up too much of a disturbance ... so a thinking player is still rewarded.)
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