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Default Re: Ideas for a New long-term Campaign

Originally Posted by Cheeseball View Post
Ah, they have already swallowed that pill, now what I need are more characters, like rivals at their level, and others with different levels of power. If you have files, or stories, or anything, of characters that might fit, with its characteristics, advantages, disadvantages, etc., I'd be happy to incorporate them into the campaign.
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Stepping out of the discussion for a bit, I suspect there isn't much more to be gained arguing over whether or not these prodigies-turned-Big-Boss characters are realistic - OP has made the case that they're perfectly fine (regardless of how much we may disagree with such a conclusion), and at this point I feel we've given ample warning about the threat to Sense of Disbelief and Player Agency these types of characters represent. No more sense beating on a dead horse.
Ok if you're just looking for mostly Inspiration I think I can still help.

One thing that's definitely struck me as a good source of inspiration is the metal gear series of videogames. I think it's got a good blend of both real world ideas and concepts with the more "rule of cool" type stuff. There's plenty of video essays(and normal essays) about the characters and plot in metal gear you can find online if that interests you.

One character(who coincidentally is also from a video game) that might be an inspiration for making rivals is Delford "Iraq" Wade from the first watchdogs series. The essence of his character is that after being dishonorably discharged from them military he applied all that skill and experience to the running of his own gang that quickly becomes very powerful. Whilst part of this is due to the "internet of things" setup watchdogs has where he leverages SIGINT knowledge to gain power it's also the application of strategy and discipline that really helps. Another part is that he keeps his inner circle well disciplined and teaches them what he learned as a veteran while keeping also around unskilled members to appear like a normal gang. There's a lot of ways you could make a more powerful version but the basic idea of "applying military skills to crime" is pretty interesting.
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