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Default Re: Ideas for a New long-term Campaign

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Oh, just noticed. Ten years in the military. Qualified for both SEALs and Delta. Deployed six times. As far as I can see* the very basic and minimum training to qualify for those is around 6 months each. Add at least the same time for advanced skill training so you'd be allowed into the field. That's 2 years of training. So over the next 8 years the character managed to deploy 6 times and fit in time for additional and required training?

*From Wikipedia and GURPS Special Ops
"The current standard ratio for active-duty troops 1:2, which can only be broken with defense secretary approval. For the reserve component, the current 1:4 standard would bump up to at least 1:5."

"Special operations deployments tend to be much shorter, perhaps only three to six months, but reset and training cycles in between are much shorter, often resulting in operators who deploy every other year, or more."


1:3 deployment-to-dwell ratio to be standardized under DoD policy starting in Nov
By Meghann Myers
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