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Default Re: [Basic] Advantage of the Week: Neutralize

Originally Posted by Plane View Post
B112 assigns -20% to either "C,1" or "1,2" so not sure which of those 'sword range' is meant to be...
Its 1,2. Swords don't get C range, unless you're house-ruling short-swords... and the blade in question is very much not short-sword.

I think for Link+10% to work you would need to also have Link+10% on a paired Innate Attack? You could use Modifying ST-based damage to do that based on a sword per PU4 rules I think.
So the intent on that link was to fairly price it for the damage being done at the same time as the strength based damage. The build is complex enough as it is.

I have not given the full stats for the sword. It also includes a 5d6 toxic attack that only works against undead, and host of passive traits for the wielder.

Do you recall what -20% for creations is based on?
That's a great question. I thought I got it from somewhere, but I can't find a reference. It might be based on either derangement or interruption based on the location of the effect rather than it creator.
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