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Default [Basic] Luck/Unluckiness limitation: Long-Term Relationships cost?

Sorry the title isn't better. It's pretty common in fiction for the hero to be very lucky, except in the one area of long-term relationships, where his (or sometimes her) luck is terrible. Doylistly, this is because the writers need him to be available for the next Girl of the Week (or whatever), but it's not unreasonable to want to simulate this on a character sheet.

The specific case of James T. Kirk comes readily to mind: he pretty clearly has either Ridiculous Luck or some form of Probability Alteration, if not both, except in the one case of keeping a girlfriend for more than an episode, at which he seems to be Cursed, or Jinxed (which doesn't exist in 4e) - far too often, the Girl of the Week dies during the episode, but even if she doesn't, the relationship ends before the next time the Girl of the Week goes for the Captain. Eventually, even the Enterprise, the one lady he'd been able to mostly keep, died.

It really seems to me that Kirk has Ridiculous Luck (Not for Long-Term Relationships, -??%) and Cursed (Only for Long-Term Relationships, -??%). But how much is that '??%' worth? I think that it would be a different number for each, as it only limits luck in a small way, but limits Unluckiness & Cursed in a very large way. I'm wondering if anyone has a clear idea of how much.

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