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Elton Robb's thread and a long-ago episode of Improvised Radio Theater With Dice inspired this thread. I'd have posted this as a response to Elton's post, but this thread has a particular focus; as the title suggests it is for sharing ideas for adventures and campaigns inspired by Top 40 songs of any era. Each Top 40 campaing/adventure seed should include a link to the lyrics, performer, album and year released, suggested game system (and why you think it is a good match). You are also free to add as much other detail as you want, e.g. background, NPCs, power level, etc.

"Jupiter's Child" lyrics here
Performer: Steppenwolf
Album: At Your Birthday Party, 1969 (b-side of the single "Rock Me", which reached Billboard's no. 10)

The moody music and lyrics suggests dark deeds, hopelessness, and an occult flavor. The story centers on Sibyl, an orphan with strange powers of precognition. In 1950, Sibyl's mother, Lamija Zukanovic, was selected by a cult of Zeus to mate with their god, an extraterrestrial entity which manifests as a 9-foot tall man crackling with an eldritch aura. After the ritual, Lamija flees to the United States, gives birth to Sibyl, and gives her to an orphanage. By the adventure's present-day (1969), Sibyl has bounced between orphanages and foster homes where she endured various awful abuses and assaults, spent three years as a runaway, and now supports herself (and her drug habit) by telling fortunes. With her usual palm and tarot readings, she sometimes gives strange riddles that reveal her true uncanny power which is slowly driving her mad with the horrifying visions of the future is shows her. Now, both the cult and her father want her back, for different reasons. The PCs become involved when Lamija Zukanovic winds up brutally murdered after leaving one of them a desperate message to find and protect her daughter.

Games: GURPS (Horror, Mysteries, Psionics) because GURPS rocks, Fall of Delta Green (time/cultural frame, horrors humankind was not meant to know)
Power level: Use templates from GURPS Mysteries or Horror to keep the PCs as relatively capable yet normal people.
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