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Default Re: Disturbance Reduction

There are multiple things that will emit low level disturbance, any of which are worth investigating. A Theme from Liber Canticorum for example; the entire town would be under the effect of a Word or Song.

The Disturbance rules are clunky, and have weird effects: a pilot breaking the sound barrier over a city is going to shatter so may windows that the Disturbance will be heard on the other side of the planet. Since disturbance fades so slowly, The Marches would *never* be free of the echoes. Meanwhile, it's no great problem to kill someone without being detected - the range seems to be about the same as a gunshot. And if you knock someone unconscious, you can wait for the Disturbance from the injuries to fade before killing them (although that has the advantage of being an ingame reason for villains to throw their victims into rivers, diabolical traps etc, allowing rescues and so on).
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