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Default Disturbance Reduction

I was toying with the idea of an adventure set in a small town where someone is generating a low-level, pervasive Disturbance over the entire town. The net result would, in theory, be to reduce the range of celestial's ability to perceive Disturbance over a given area. Then, looking over the the rules for detecting Disturbance, it occurred to me that the range for that already seemed very limited (unless you're killing hundreds of people).

Two questions:
1) Do you think this is a feasible plot hook for PCs to investigate. By that I mean, would anyone even bother coming up with a device that had this effect?

2) How do you use Disturbance and detection thereof in your games? The rules seem a little complicated if you're keeping track of what 3+ PCs and however many celestial NPCs can hear at any given time or place. Do you handwave it or homebrew it in some way?
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