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Default Re: Healing ugent quick-deploy

I'm the person who inspired this thread, so, to my mind this is probably somewhere between illegal and radically illegal, as 'healing item deploying armor' is a TL 9+ Hammer's Slammers type thing, certainly not a TL 3 type thing

So to me

1. Its legitimate at TL 9. It also is legitimate for anyone with sufficient Gadgeteering to pull it off. If it exists outside of that, it should be sufficiently majorly hard to get/expensive that it is not going to be a garden variety feature (remember that heavy armor to begin with is extremely expensive, anyone that can afford heavy armor can easily afford to waste a few 1k healing potions here and there . . . . this should be expensive to the point of 'we outfit this into the kings armor, but Knight Bob is on his own')
2. No, it is not obvious or common. And if Im DMing it is definitely not going to be such, as my Fantasy games are not going to become TL 3 Hammer's Slammers
3. Don't see any need for such, it seems like added fiddliness for little added benefit
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