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Default Healing ugent quick-deploy

Greetings all

I am looking for advice/critique on a build that I use on one of my PCs (and will possibly spread to other PCs assuming this is legit).

One of my characters who is a mage/fighter type ('standard' knights in armour fantasy late TL3) wearing heavy plate armour, in order to radically extend his combat effectiveness, keeps a few ugents against his skin tied to a ripcord which when pulled deploys the ugents.

He further puts a few ugents in a plate over his heart with a button sticking out of his armour that will crush them, so that either:
1. If an attack hits the button it deploys the ugents (wasting them if it is the FIRST attack to hit him) [potentially really useful if another member of the party can hit it for him, or a foe thinks it might be fun to hit it]
2. If he punches the area it deploys the ugents.

As far as I can tell these are great ways to rapidly deploy some alchemy in your favor- but it seems so obvious to me that I am concerned that I have never seen it mentioned as an option in any of the books so far (doubly so for dungeon fantasy where this sort of setup would be really useful for murder hobos)

We play rotating GM games, so as long as this is recognized as a valid way to do things I can expect my players PCs to start incorporating it.

The idea behind the concept is to remove the 'clutch' of deploying alchemy on yourself in combat (ready potion, drink potion, get healed 3 rounds to 'pull ripcord/hit plate->get healed in one round)


1. Does this build/concept seem legitimate
2. it is 'obvious' enough that its available (at least for people who can afford to waste potions from the accidental breaks/snags of the rip cord)
3. Beyond the obvious, what sort of rules should be in place to capture accidental deployments of the potions.
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