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Default Re: [Magic]Brewing Potions

Originally Posted by Fred Brackin View Post
No, at 300 energy and 10 energy per hour that can be done in less than two rounds of Vigil or one Vigil and just a few Awakens. This perpetual Awaken machine would ionly be required for something bigger.
Is there something bigger (besides Area spells)? I reached for Rez as it's the one spell I'm confident I've never seen a PC cast ever. Or even think about casting.

Note that this result is one reason why I suspect the proposed spell might be broken.
That's very generous of you.

Originally Posted by scc View Post
Doesn't actually help, after ten hours you FP pool is reduced by 10, so for a 10FP person you simply can't wake up.
Lend Energy.

Unless you are House Ruling that the 1 FP cost of Awaken can only be recovered via natural sleep (which is not a part of the spell write up)....
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