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Originally Posted by evileeyore View Post
Depends on what you are going for.

Do you want to replace the current Alchemy system completely? Then go for using more Enchantment style rules, allow for other 'Alchemist' to be working in shifts casting the 'potion' or even for Apprentices to maintain the working (if not being able to add to it) while the Potion master sleeps. This will allow for the mega-potions to be brewable (without needing whacky munchkin hijinx), then yes.

If you want this to be something a PC does for a few days as adventure prep, replacing the Hang Spell, then no.
But I don't want Mega-Potions. But otherwise I might go for moving it to the enchantment rules.

Originally Posted by evileeyore View Post
Ahhh, so it's "Spend 10 FP per hour worked", not "Spend X hours working then Spend Xx10 FP".

Sleep can be gotten around. With apprentices (or other mages paid to do this) casting Lend Energy* the Potion Brewer can go for days before passing out.

* With a combination of Lend Energy and Awaken spells being cast on him ... the Brewer never actually needs to sleep. Ever.

This also means the Potion Brewers Guild is probably run by Liches. Which is kinda cool.
Remember that a normal FP10 human can only miss 10 hours of sleep before fainting. And that sort of was what I was going for, if you want a potion that requires more then X energy to brew it becomes increasingly more expensive.
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