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Default Re: Starting a Campaign, help

Wow, this forum is giving me a lot more ideas of better quality than I ever would have gotten on my own. Honestly, I think I'll avoid the amazingly horrible idea of mass sacrifice, just because it would certainly turn some people off. I'll save it for a sunny day.
That being said, I need to seriously reconsider some things, especially concerning Nazi production. Although undead workers/soldiers is an intriguing concept, although one I'll need to develop more thoroughly.

Also, broke down and bought GURPS: Thaumatology, and I'm having quite a bit of fun piecing together a magic system.

Originally Posted by Nymdock
Dangit...this idea does have a certain contagious nature to it...
Indeed it does! I was originally just kicking around ideas, but this alt-history thing's really just sucked me in.
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