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Default Re: Short Campaign in the Old West

Originally Posted by makke View Post
The fun thing is that the bandit needed only one salvo per player character to lower them to something between -20 and -50 (3x2d6x3~63damage).
I'd like to echo Thorkell here on questioning the damage.

So. I'm looking at most TL5 Revolvers, and most of them are 1d+something weapons. So, rather than having your bandits using revolvers that do 2d damage, pick ones that do 1d+something damage.

Next up, where's the x3 coming from...Vitals shots? I don't normally have my regular bandit types fire at Vitals...they just go center mass/torso for the most part. Though I'm considering using the Martial Arts rule saying that a 1 on a d6 means that torso shot turns into a vitals shot.

So, perhaps make your average bandits a bit more average would help as well.
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