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Default Re: Short Campaign in the Old West

I think the fact that "if you get shoot you die" seems to fit rather well with most Old West-movies. Especially the "not right away, but several hours later from bleeding"-part.

So If in a shootout against the bad guys the PC could keep fighting helping win. But then when it's all said and done. sit down. drink a whisky, and then pass out and die. Seems very cowboy'ish to me.

Instead of surviving through HP the PC's should survive through "not getting hit". This is achieved by the NPC's not really aiming and having poor skills and cheap inaccurate weapons. And on top of that allow PCs access to Feverish defenses and often have cover al lover the place when a fight breaks out.
There is a reason you see people hiding behind rocks and corners and in windows in old west movies!
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