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Default Re: Have campaign idea. Feedback?

Originally Posted by DwarvenHeart View Post
Very interesting. You've reminded me that a story can be as narrow or broad in focus as it must be. So what if the PC's are a few skilled hands on a ship full of more skilled people. There are tasks and goals for them to accomplish. D&D has tempered my thinking of the PC's who are the small rag-tag team of powerful champions and the only resorce to the current threat. Man I hate gaming in a box.
My PC's aren't necessarily the skilled people aboard ship. They are, however, perfect for 'boarding party' or 'landing party' duty. It actually helps that they are not critical to the operation of the ship. The ship goes about its operations entirely in their absence. Right now, the PC's have landed on an island and are escorting this thoroughly debauched noble and his small entourage up past French patrols in order to recapture his father's estate. His father is expected to be back in France, and the debauched noble has offered the pirates one share of the ransacked mansion, and intends to use the rest to settle his debts. He has been 'cut off' by his father.

The PC's, hiking through the jungle, have already encountered (and been fired upon) by Goblin snipers in service to the militia. They have also just avoided a militia patrol.

For a maritime campaign, consider a small ship with merchant/pirate types aboard. Fantasy, watch the Sinbad movies as inspiration.

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