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Default Re: Combo Suggestions for point starved Witch wanting to be effective in melee?

Originally Posted by RGTraynor View Post
for pity's sake do yourself a solid, bundle up all those points, and get an Ally: a dedicated bodyguard tasked for nothing else than keeping Bad Things from your throat.
Jeeze, this could be the best thing point-wise. I was thinking of having a sidekick 'Kato' that would protect me. Its definitely cheaper.

I'm not sure if I would enjoy it as much. I agree there is a ton of points being invested for Precognitive Parry, boosting it, and then developing a combo to do damage.

My experience so far is that each character will have to be able to take care of himself and not expect the more melee type characters to save them. We are often outnumbered, not to mention firearm targets are usually random generated (so not necessarily the melee guys) and we don't have access to flak jackets or armor.

So precognitive parry is my best bet for defense. And if I'm gonna parry, I may as well counter attack. And if I'm counter attacking I may as well work that into a combo. And my int is high, so I should probably Feint (Ruse).
I know - slippery slope.
And while an Ally would be cheaper point-wise, I think while he might be able to prevent a single target from damaging me, if we are outnumbered I still need to defend myself, and random gun fire would kill me guy easy enough.

Thanks for the post. You provided a lot of useful information. This post was written at the same time you posted, so I missed your comments until after sending it.
I probably will have to deal with melee myself. While we have two guys that are more melee centric, what we have faced so far has use being outnumbered often and each party member can have one or more mobs on us at at time. So I think I have to develop melee at least enough to defend myself. So parry and either attack or judo throw. Both have their certain positives. I'll have to think more on it.


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