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Default Re: User Made Items for GCA4

Thanks :) So I know now.

I am aware, that it is skills, what I did ist to add weapons and their skills.
I also saw the [skill] version of the techniques, buuuut... I find it more comfortable to choose from a list, so my custom weapon skills (like every other) will only show up for techniques you can really use them and, more important, the list of i.e. hit locations is already there.

As I try to convince my players using the GCA rather than other not well calculating "freeware" tools, I'd like to make it as comfortable as possible for them (mostly because of ME saving much time, as I don't have to search the books, as pages are written on the character sheet... AND I don't have to recalculate.. AND I can write a GDA for house rules.. AND... :D )


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