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Default Re: February 26, 2021: Weather Report And Texas Aid

Thank you for posting places where people can help others in need who were badly hit by the weather.

In retrospect, I was fortunate. I had short blackouts several times a day, which I later learned were part of a rolling blackout to spread the energy so no one would be out for an extended period of time. I had a water leak which ended up being an easy fix.

I'm going to tread delicately here, because this gets perilously close to a political issue. So I'll stick with just the facts and not my opinion. Due to deregulation of utilities in Texas, some people have been hit with electric bills of $8,000 or $11,000 or more. Some companies have customers pay based on "supply and demand."

As for personal supplies, I'm fortunate that I learned years ago to always keep food, water, paper products, and a non-utility heat source on hand (firewood for a fireplace, propane for a propane tank, etc.) I think it's a good idea for everyone to think, "If I couldn't get anything for a week or two, how would I survive?"

It's more than just a motto, it's excellent advice: Be Prepared.
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