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Default Re: Spaceship Weapons and Gravity Layout

Originally Posted by thrash View Post

This. Your ship is a long, thin cone, with the main battery ranked to concentrate fire forward (over each other's shoulders, as it were).
This. Call it "christmas tree plan" if that helps. Each "ornament" on the "christmas tree" can be a turret. All turrets will fire straight ahead and even converge on a single point directly ahead. The bottom row of turrets can fire backwards and half of any turrets can fire to one side. How energetic your drive exhaust is determines how necessary PD mount on the rear facing are.

Maneuvering in space battles is grossly overrated. Speed needs to be very high relative to weapon's range for it to be much use at all.

Your artifical gravity system is confusing to say the least. However, unless it completely negates acceleration forces "naval" orientation just isn't an option.
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