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Default Re: User Made Items for GCA4

Originally Posted by Pmandrekar
Just curious. Any Chance of getting Rev. Pee Kitty's Historical folks templates in a GCA 4 datafile any time soon?

That would make the process of cranking out NPC's even faster than they are done now!
I just want to make sure it's clear that Infornific and Jeff Klein converted all of the templates. I put in quite a few hours of work, but it was all in editing, formatting, layout, etc., but no more than they did in the conversion process. So please, don't give me all of the credit, just a third of it. :)

For the record, I've thought about doing a GDF of that project as well, but I won't have time to even think about doing that for months at least. If anyone else wants to beat me to it, please feel free!
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