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Default PBY Catalina

Originally Posted by YankeeGamer View Post
Not quite within your parameters, but a PBY might fill the bill for a low tech, reliable amphibian with long range. Seats ten in various positions, and is designed for good visibility--the gun sponsons are very useful. It has just over a 2000 mile range. Add in 4000 pounds in the bomb bay/cargo area and you're in good shape. Even now, some of them are working aircraft.[...]

I happen to LIKE the PBY, and there's always the chance that it's not quite as demilitarized as anyone thought.

Both types are still flying as working aircraft in this day and age, especially the DC-3.
There are a lot of things to like about the PBY Catalina for Kessler's purposes, i.e. as a seaplane or amphibious aircraft to transport a team of investigators or Monster Hunters into an area where advanced technology might be unreliable and airfields, runways and other support might not be available.

Googling, I can find that PBYs exist in a wide variety of configurations and models. The PBY-5A or other amphibious variants are the most interesting to me, as I imagine that Kessler uses airfields where they are available.

Important regional offices for Kessler's network of companies and connections exist, in 1995, in Galveston and Houston, TX; New Orleans, LA; Fort Lauderdale, FL; Nassau, Bahamas; and Roseau, St. Lucia.

In addition, there is also an isolated retreat near Rosalie, Dominica where several old friends of Kessler have retired and the families of some of his employees live.

Kessler wouldn't need the military configuration for the PBY Catalina, so no bombs or mounted guns and therefore the plane needs a smaller crew. I can find PBY Catalinas configured for fourteen passengers online, as well as a very tight fit for twenty eight people.

Assuming that you want to configure the PBY Catalina so that it can carry an eight to twelve man team, flight crew (and any necessary support staff) and maybe 100-150 lbs. in gear for each team member, how much extra fuel could you fit and therefore how much range could you squeeze from the aircraft?
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