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Default Re: [Realm Management] Multiple Actions

Originally Posted by Yami Fowl View Post
Hi guys!
I've recently acquired the Realm Management supplement and while reading it (and enjoying it a lot), I came upon a question regarding multiple actions per turn for realms.

On page 32, the rules state that you should either double the Workforce Points per maneuver with a minimum cost or suffer a penalty to all rolls made on that turn.

In the first option, it's obvious that a realm with a lot of Workforce can perform multiple actions doubling their costs, ok. I make four actions, each costing 1 work force, I spend 8 Workforce points.

However, for the second case it doesn't state how many extra turns are possible. So could I perform either 2 or 4 actions, all at -6? If that is so, what is the difference between performing 2 actions, 3 actions or 100 actions?

What am I missing?

Thanks in advance!
You could perform a ton of actions and exhaust all your manpower points in a single go. Remember, realms are treated as a single entity because that makes things easier, they really are hundreds, thousand, millions, etc. If you want a hard limit allow a maximum number of actions I suggest looking at what the penalty is and the management skill and not letting the management skill go below 9. So if you had a management skill of 15 you could do two actions per turn. If you had Facile on your management skill you could do up to three actions per turn. Either way, you can spend extra Manpower to roll at a higher skill though the cap remains in place.
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