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Bibingui looks at the droid with decision and points her gun towards it. It’s as if time paused for a moment, allowing her to pinpoint vulnerable areas and calculate her success potential to make the dark trooper go away, in a snap. She makes two quick and deadly shots, that in conjunction with Vanta’s previous attacks, seem to damage the droid very badly.

However, it keeps moving, walking towards you, extending its right arm to grab Bibingui by the neck until it stops before reaching her; combat is over, but not before the machine shrieks:

The masked man reanimates Lucy, she stands up and rushes to check on you; she asks what’s going on and what she can do. The rest of the people arrive as quickly as Lucy, the masked replies, “I told you, this place is under attack, but let’s listen to our 'magic friends', they might have a different idea of the situation”.
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