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Originally Posted by Kieddicus View Post
IQ 18 - Unlife Plague (C)

Create a plague inside a MH (use the center for determining the range). infect all living creatures in the MH for 12 turns. If the plague hits a corpse or if an infected creature dies they turn into a zombie with ST & DX 2 less than they had in life, and 0 IQ. Plague zombies loss 1 ST every day like normal zombie but can only get this ST back by eating a living creature (every 5 ST they eat they heal 1). If you suffer a wound from a plague zombie you save 3/ST minus hits taken to avoid becoming infected (GM rolls). Plague zombies are mindless and cannot be controlled so the wizard that creates them better have an escape plan. Cost 20 ST.
(Once the plague starts infecting bodies it will reproduce on its own so it will last after they 12 turns if there are victims.)

Due to the dangers of this spell the wizards guild is highly protective of it, unauthorized reproductions incur the death penalty, and the reproduction burned.

IQ 10 - Shove (T)
Converted from Amtgard

Move the target back 2 hexes for every ST spent. Max ST cost of 3.
For multi-hex creatures divided the shove distance by their size round down.
Excellent. I especially like the Unlife Plague. May well use this one.
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