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Default Re: could we create AI seed that can create more god like AIs

Originally Posted by malloyd View Post
One thing worth remembering about all kinds of AI singularity predictions, is they are built on the assumption that some sort of vast increase in intelligence is *possible*. That's purely an assumption - one we know for certain is false for at least some sorts of proposed routes like running your AI on faster and faster computer hardware (there are known physical limits to computer speed like the speed of light and the size of atoms). Lots of things in the real universe have plateaus, there's no particular reason intelligence can't be one of them.
Poul Anderson used that theme in at least one story.

Also, for all the dancing around it that the AI researches do, we really don't know how the brain works. That is, we don't know exactly what is happening when the brain assembles several facts and reaches a conclusion based on them. It's hard to write an algorithm to do something that you can't even define.
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