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Default Re: [DF] A Portal Fantasy within a Dungeon Fantasy: Where's Alice?

Originally Posted by Hide View Post
To strengthen the conception of your character: Your statement about "luck is necessary for her survival" would be more agreeable if your 7-year-old Alice had the skills and stats of a kid. But, most of her skills and stats are at the level of a Navy Seal.

It is not that she can't have such levels of skill or stats being a kid, the genre could allow it.

However, stretching her luck to 48 lucky breaks an in-game day (by taking the highest of possible multipliers) under the assumption she wouldn’t make it otherwise, does not make much sense; her skills and stats (akin to a Navy Seal’s) offset the argument, especially when the 62 CP players are expected to survive while she has 4 times the budget.
The "Dungeonland arc" will be taking place at the tail end of the campaign, with the PCs having reached a point total of roughly ~225. Up until the point that she meets up with the PCs, she'll have been surviving by herself, possibly facing challenges scaled to a difficulty suited for a 4 to 5 member party of ~225 point PCs... if they're even scaled to "power level" at all, because some of these encounters ought to encourage the adventurers to flee, or be quite ingenuous in their tactics to compensate for a lack of strength. With some combination of Ridiculous Luck and "Serendipity X [0]" that I have turned on for the campaign (see my Designer's Notes for details. The PCs have it too, that's why they arrive in the nick of time for Alice's trial at the palace... no guarantee this will be of any help at all once the queen screams "Off with her head!"), it's a bit more believable that she could accomplish getting through the first half of the Dungeonland arc mostly unscathed.

If nothing else, the players won't have too much time to feel humiliated that a little girl is just that much better than them. Ideally she departs from the party of PCs sometime after this arc of the campaign, one way or another if she isn't returned to her father.

I see your concerns, Hide, but it seems as if you're exaggerating the magnitude of the issues (that are not really present as far as I'm concerned).
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