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Default Re: [DF] A Portal Fantasy within a Dungeon Fantasy: Where's Alice?

Originally Posted by Varyon View Post
This all makes sense to me, yeah. I'd be more inclined to go with around 60% for age 7 (if 5 is 50% and 10 is 80%, that's +0.6% per year if roughly linear). If you see adult DF Alice as ST 10 and DX 15, that implies ST 6 and DX 9 at age 7. As for IQ, I'd imagine Alice being "clever" is more likely "clever for her age;" if adult DF Alice would be IQ 13 ("clever"), that implies IQ 8 at age 7. You stats imply adult DF Alice would be around ST 13 (noticeably strong), DX 21 (otherworldly grace), and IQ 21 (some sort of super-genius). That said, you could easily say she's simply matured more quickly than most children her age, being closer in development to age 10 than age 7 (mother should have been more careful what enchantments she wore while pregnant)... or just make her age 10 to start with.
Oh, given the previous quote from Characters I gave I'm not so keen on sticking too closely to the guidelines for realistic stats. The point is that she have usable primary attributes for a DF campaign, which she has. She's some sort of prodigy child perhaps, but even if she ages her adult stats could possibly cap off at lower numbers than the suggestions provided in the book.

Maybe my math was off? I thought 13 would be roughly ~90% of 15. So adult Alice would have IQ 15 and DX 15... DX 15, sure, but conceptually I'd cap adult Alice's IQ at 13. Young Alice is just a exceptional little girl. She'd have to be to get through Dungeonland in one piece.
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