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Default Re: [DF] A Portal Fantasy within a Dungeon Fantasy: Where's Alice?

Originally Posted by Tymathee View Post
It is sad. At some point as a player you have to be willing to believe that the GM has your best interests in mind within the scope of running a fair game.
IMHO a lot of the GM vs players mentality can be laid at the feet of one module: Tomb of Horrors. Some people try to claim it is "thinking players" dungeon but those who have gone through the module as written regard it as a kill fest with many false trails.

It even inspired the ultimate GM vs players series: the Grimtooth Trap which effectively had Grimtooth's Dungeon of Doom as its capstone. As bad as Tomb of Horrors was it looked like a Sunday school picnic by comparison to Dungeon of Doom.

Today you could say it wasn't D&D but SCP and everyone was D class. ;-)
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